Perunggu Bali, Metal Art-Works to Comprehensive Finishes

UD PERUNGGU BALI, Set works out to serve inquiries tends to Custom products made out from a particular basic raw materials of Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum as well as Stainless Steel in term of Interior & Exterior Furnishings, Table-wares, Kitchen Utensils, Room’s Amenities toward functional work-pieces. Our pure Arts of handmade combined to involvement of to-date tools of machinery producing works result not only Aesthetic but also precise for what we are unique compared to others. Long experience talents are the blood in the whole life for Art’s Culture who set every touch of their move to a dedication in a deep sense of a quality. UD.PERUNGGU BALI is not only a producer but also taking position to be a partner to every Customer where we stand beside to share ideas and participate experiences for best result.

UD.PERUNGGU BALI, is fully equipped to Metals Finishing Unit being the largest in Bali, providing Customers a Comprehensive choices of color for their finishing preference, including ; Chromium Plating, Nickel Plating, Silver & Gold Plating, Copper & Brass Plating, Copper Patina, Antique Bronzing, Color of Lacquering as well as Galvanizing has been recognized for best Quality in the land. We serve inquiry not only for new finishing but also for re-condition purposes for large as well as small size order.

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