Perunggu Bali is one of Bali’s small to medium sizes entrepreneur who serves Metal Art-Works from a specific raw materials of Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel for interior & exterior furnishings through-out functional work-pieces.

  • Pure Arts Sub Unit, is a total handmade processes of burning, hand beating, hand carving, etc. employing senior group of talents of a descend culture who have worked in their field for not less than 35 years of working experiences, resulting in each respective job done of truly arts, aesthetically precise in the sense of ancient unique
  • Precision Sub Unit, involving high precision tools of todate technology, such as : Laser Cutting, Wire Cutting, Laser Engraving and CNC, operated by group of young talents who are selected from specifically education, well trained with proper experiences in the field, performing to each job done to a high precisions and aesthetically arts meeting to every quality expectations from our local direct users and exporter customers

For two sub units above, we serve customers to new-made production inquiry refering to customers drawing design as well as sample re-poduction order not limit to small size or large size of quantity order. Perunggu Bali hardly leads every step of our Q.C and Q.A very tightly to assure our utmost achievable quality.

Types of Production

  • Works of Arts : All kinds of items made of : Copper, Brass, Bronze with ancient work patterns, such as burning, hammering & forming
  • Simple Machine Works : All kinds of items made of : Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium with work patterns such as foundry and casting, forming & finishing
  • High Precision Machine Works : All kinds of items made out of : Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Black Steel with high precision machine works such as Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, Laser Carving, Embossing, Wire Cutting, and CNC
  • Pewter / Casting : All kinds of items made of : Silver, Gold, also another Alloys such as Brass or Bronze, involving work-processes of patterns.
  • Chemical Printing Works : Types of plaque, name plate, etc. that made out of : Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel & Aluminium with chemical etching.
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